The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) and The Explosives Industry Group of the CBI (EIG)

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The BPA and EIG together represent the majority of established firework manufactures and importers in the UK, the larger companies belong to both organisations. The two bodies are similar but distinct, and both provide a focus for dissemination of information.

The BPA and EIG have jointly produced the guide "Firework safety Handbook". Copies are availabe from either organisation, and an electronic version is available here in PDF (Acrobat) format.

The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA)

The British Pyrotechnics Association is a trade association representing the majority of manufacturers and importers of fireworks in the UK. The BPA is closely involved in the annual firework safety campaign run by the DTI, and also has representatives on many Health and Safety Executive committees. For further information on the BPA contact:

Dr Tom Smith
British Pyrotechnists Association
8 Aragon Place

Telephone: (01480) 878621
Fax: (01480) 878650

The Explosive Industry Group of the CBI (EIG) - hosts of this site

The Explosive Industry Group of the CBI represents a wide variety of UK Explosive companies, particularly with regard to Health and Safety issues. The EIG has a separate sub-group whose primary concerns are the the impact of new and revised legislation on the Pyrotechnic sector. EIG also publish several guides, and their website contains a large amount of information on fireworks and their effects, as well as regulatory information (including full text of recent regulations). For further information contact:

Brig. Charles Smith GM
General Secretary
Explosive Industry Group
Confederation of British Industry
Centre Point
New Oxford Street

Telephone: (0171) 395 8063
Fax: (0171) 497 2597


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