Fireworks in Celebrations


American Independence Day on the 4th July celebrates the signing of the 'Declaration of Independence' drawn up by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. Celebrated today with street parties and parades, firework displays and outings to the country and beach.



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'Floating Down the River' - as above.


National holiday in France to commemorate the storming of the Bastille prison on the ]4th July 1789. One of the earliest events of the French Revolution. Celebrations include parades, bands, firework displays and street parties and dances. 'La Marseillaise' is the National Anthem of France.



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A two-week long celebration in January or February. Years are named on a 12 year cycle after the twelve animals associated with Buddha. The festivities included special foods, gifts of money in special red envelopes. Homes are cleaned thoroughly then decorated with paper flowers, good luck messages and lanterns. There is aan outdoor Feast of Lanterns and the magnificent Lion Dance. Firecrackers are let off to scare away the lion and other spirits and demons


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A celebration remembering the plotto blow up King James 1 and the English Houses of Parliament in 1605. Children in Britain and the Commonwealth countries collect 'money for the guy' - a stuffed figureto represent Guy Fawkes - and on the nightof November 5th the guy is burnt on top of a bonfire. Fireworks are let off and parties are held round the bonfire with lots of special food.


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Movement' Scholastic Fireworks - 'TimeTo Dance'

Marion Ware, Belair (accompanying Cassette).

Further movement Ideas for Bonfire Night -


Rockets - down low, shoot out, rushing through the sky and fall down to the floor.

Sparklers - shaking, quick, sharp movements using all the body.

Starting then stopping, slowing down.

Catherine Wheel - slow spin, getting quicker, then slowing, sink to the floor.

Bangers - still, sudden explosive movements.


Flames - shooting high, darting in all directionsthen slowing, fading away.

Guy Fawkes - floppy figures, sinks slowly in the flames.

Group work - each group takes a firework, one group takes the bonfire.

Class work - one person is the Guy the rest the flames and fireworks.

Added stimuli - percussion instruments, body percussion, vocal sounds.


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Hoist - Mars from 'The Planet Suite'.

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Carnival was originally a final feast before the forty-day fastof Lent. Theword carnival itself comes from the Latin words comem levare meani ng to take away meat and so to cornelevarium. The main events of carnival hiave always taken place on Shrove Tuesday which is often called Mardi Gras meaning Fat Tuesday. Carnival is still celebrated in many differentways around the world. International carnivals include -

The Battle of the Flowers - Venice and Rome, Italy; Jersey, Channel Isles; Nice, France.

Mardi Gras - New Orleans, North America; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; West lndies.

Notting Hill Carnival, - London, England.

The processions include bands (jazz, calypso, samba' reggae), groups of beautifully costumed walkers and huge floats. Spectacular firework displays often form the finale to a carnival.


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