Explosives Industry Group

  • January 6, 2010 4:59 pm
The Explosive Industry Group of the CBI, which represents over 70 companies with an interest in explosives in the UK, has launched a new website. This website now contains the data from the old “Explosive Safety Management” CD.The site is an essential source of information for any Health and Safety professional with an interest in explosives as well as being an up to date reference work for explosives professionals. It comprises sections on general explosives and on fireworks and has received great support from Trading Standards Officers, the Fire Brigade and the Health and Safety Executive.

The site covers the following areas

  • Law relating to manufacture, storage, transport and use of explosives – including the full text of recent legislation
  • The UN scheme for classifying explosives and explosive packaging
  • Video of explosive effects
  • Firework types and effects, including illustrations of what may and may not be sold to the general public
  • Contact details for explosive companies and enforcers
  • Explosives glossary

Further details may be obtained from Brig Charles Smith at the CBI at info@eig.org.uk or on (0171) 395 8063

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