The following pages are taken from information provided by Standard Brock Ltd and produced and distributed by them to schools in previous years in the interests of firework safety. The information is part of an extensive campaign by the British Fireworks Industry to promote firework safety.

As well as having the approval of your Local Education Authority, the information has been endorsed by the Royal National Institute for the Blind, the Department of Trade and Industry and West Yorkshire Fire Brigade. The information, researched and written by Gillian Teanby, a headteacher with over 16 years of teaching in both inner city and rural schools includes:-

Overview (chart – opens in separate window)

General Resource Information (book lists etc)

Fireworks in celebrations (around the World)

Festivals of Light (Divali, Hanukka, Wesak and Christmas)

The Gunpowder Plot (history)

20 things you never knew about fireworks

Please feel free to print and use the information in any way you think appropriate. The information can be adapted to cover the full age range of primary school children and the early years of secondary school. It has been prepared with consideration for linking to national Curriculum Attainment Targets.

Copies of Firework Safety Campaign Literature including schools packs are available from the BERR, click here.

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