The British Standard for Fireworks (BS 7114) defines 4 types of fireworks

Category 1 Fireworks Indoor Fireworks >For use in extremely restricted areas – eg indoors
Category 2 Fireworks Garden Fireworks For use in limited areas – eg gardens
Category 3 Fireworks Display Fireworks For use in open areas – eg School Playing Fields
Category 4 Fireworks For use by professionals only

The Standard sets out construction, performance, labelling and testing criteia for the firework types available to the general Public in the UK.

When buying fireworks ALWAYS look for those complying with the British Standard. This will be shown on the firework selection box and the fireworks themselves.

READ the instructions on the firework, and DO WHAT THEY SAY! If you buy British Standard Fireworks AND you use them according to the instructions you will have a safe and enjoyable display.

Always follow the FIREWORK CODE

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