General Resources

C.E.M. 'Exploring a Theme' series - Spring Festivals, Fire, Light

'Celebration' series - A & C Black

'Festivals' and 'Celebrations' series - Wayland

'Multi-faith Fables' series - Mary Glasgow Publications

'Celebrations' - Ginn Reading Level 10

'Religious Stories' series by Wayland

'Living Festivals' RMEP acc. videos available

'The Months of the Year' by Paul Hughes Young library Ltd.

'Seasonal Festivals' Wayland Pub.

'Seasonal Poetry" Wayland Pub.

'Seasonal Projects' Wayland Pub.

'Soul Cakes and Shish Kebabs' (a multi-fciith cookbook) Wheaton Ed.

'Food and Drink' inc. British,Caribbean, Chinese, French, lndian,Jewish, North American,West German plus step-by-step recipes Wayland.

Pictures and Poems Packs: Philip Green Pub.

Each pack contains 12 A4 colour photographs end 12 A4 linking poems.

Ideal for starting points in creative writing and poetry and for display.

'Display for All Seasons' (shiny things: advent calendar: candies) by J. Makoff and L. Duncan Belair Pub. Ltd.

'The Art of Science' (candies: shiny things: colour - ideas and display) by B. Hume and C. Galton Belair Pub. Ltd.

"Maths On Display' (calendar of festivals) by B. Hume and K. Barrs Belair Pub. Ltd.

"A Musical Calendar of Festivals' Ward Lock

'Bright Ideas: Assemblies' Scholastic Pub.

'Bright Ideas: Festivals' Scholastic Pub.

'Bright Ideas: Maths Activities' (moon calendcirs) Scholastic Pub.

'Harlequin: 44 Songs Around the Year' A & C. Black

'The Infant Assembly Book" Doreen Vause MacDonald Pub.

'The Junior Assembly Book'

'Guru Nanak and the Snake' R. Parmiter and M. Price (a multi-faith resource book for assemblies) Cassell

'Junior Education" Dec. 1982 - Faiths and the Faithful

'Junior Education' Oct. 1987 - Festivals

'Junior Projects' No.46 - Celebrations

"Child Education" Nov. 1988 - light


Religious Festivals

- Jewish Festivals

- Hindu Festivals

- Buddhist Festials

- Chinese Festivals

- Christian Festivals

All sets availablefrom Pictorial Charts Educational Trust' Lightand Dark'in 'Brainwaves: Religious Education' Folens Copymaster

'Christmas and Festivals Craftwork Catalogue' - Philip and Tacey